Lydia Goutas, MBA | Managing Partner

Lydia Goutas is a Managing Partner at Lehner Executive Partners where she leads an international team that provides consulting for growing international industries.

She was born in New York, has lived in Vienna for more than 20 years and studied biology and molecular biology. She worked at a leading research institute while she completed her MBA studies in Management and Economics in New York.

As an interface for many US and MNL companies, Lydia Goutas provides her comprehensive international experiences in Austria and CEE as well as her understanding for the challenges of highly complex matrix companies. Lydia Goutas speaks German, English and Greek and has taught at several universities (WU Vienna, Webster University, University of Innsbruck, PEF Private University for Management). She is Co-Chair and Co-Founder of the Financial Services Club CEE, Executive Board Member of the Maple Leaf International Business Club and former President of the American Women's Association, a non-profit organization with over 300 women from 27 different nations. Prior to this, Lydia Goutas was director of the admissions office at the Webster University in Vienna and supervisory board as well as Member of the Board of Trustees at the International Christian School of Vienna and the Austro-American Society.

Lydia Goutas published countless scientific publications (Molecular therapeutics) as well as publications tackling the topics of women and women in Human Resources. Furthermore, she is a recognized columnist in the Business magazine Economy Austria.

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