Responsibility for everything

„Sustainability is serious business. To make it your enduring competitive advantage, you need sustainability leaders with diverse and evolving leadership competencies.“

We quickly and discretely appoint top level positions like members of the executive board and supervisory board both nationally and internationally.

Strategic foresight and a deep understanding of the business processes are required to make a company successful in the long run. As the last decision maker on central leadership tasks and key recruiting selections, the supervisory board is of central importance as the top control organ) management.

The experience of every single supervisory board member, the structure and the network behind the entire supervisory board significantly define corporate success. International competency combined with diversity and culture sensitiveness distinguish a successful supervisory board. The expectations for such trends are emerging.

In the DACH region, it has become of fundamental importance to build a highly qualified Supervisory Board able to address current trends and challenges. Prevailing positions are not always optimal for the shareholders and stakeholders or the company’s welfare.
The diversity currently required by the EU Green Paper to structure the Supervisory Board binds corporate governance to a more selective approach by shareholders in choosing the members constituting the supervisory boards.

Throughout our years of experience and effective relationships and contact with leading personalities and talents in the industry, we guarantee that we can find and win over suitable candidates for supervisory board seats. Our strong women network also allows us to identify fitting and highly competent candidates to fulfil the legally required women’s quota.
We support medium-sized and family-run companies during their process in evaluating and establishing a suitable advisory board. This specifically allows the achievement of a reliable cooperation culture between the individual parties. Only mutual work and understanding on the corporate governance level guarantees sustainable company success.

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