360 degrees of expertise?

The future is firmly in our sights!

Digital recruiting is a real added value, but it is still far from being the solution! Digital, software-supported thinking and practices, as well as new, hybrid work models, are clearly part of our future as an internationally successful leader in Executive, Board and Professional Search. Data-driven processes and sophisticated technical tools are used in our workflow wherever it is necessary to optimize the candidate search and to make the process as convenient, efficient and transparent as possible for potentials and companies.

Virtually without barriers — for any tablet or smartphone. So far, so good — and rightfully so! However: The transformation from experienced recruitment consultant to pure, algorithm-driven digital recruiter, which is loudly propagated as a megatrend, does not do justice to the greatly increased demands on successful top recruiting. We are aware of that and act accordingly!

Genuine persuasion cannot be digitized.

Remote work, video calls and virtual meet and greets are helpful tools. But not everything that is currently done digitally will also remain digital. Experience has shown that personal, trustful dialog is irreplaceable for us as human beings. Close contacts, often developed over many years, are held in astonishingly high esteem even or especially in turbulent times — and by no means only when it comes to particularly high-caliber candidates in C-level positions. In this respect, our direction is clear: We utilize all technical potential but never try to simulate or virtualize human qualities such as trust through technology. Instead, we continue to rely on proven empirical values such as personal persuasiveness, healthy instincts and genuine proximity to customers and candidates.